Visit us helping to generate the least possible environmental impact. Be a responsible visitor, behave in a civic and environmentally-friendly manner and make rational and sustainable use of natural resources.


When you’re on holiday, get around by bike or use a non-polluting means of transport. Put the car aside and try to take public transport. Whenever possible, also avoid taking planes.


If you don’t drop litter in your home town or city, don’t drop it when you’re away either. Be clean! Use the bins and containers provided for the selective collection of the different waste. Especially in the natural environment, take your litter with you until you find a rubbish bin or the appropriate containers.


If you’re staying in a hostel, hotel, or rental home, act as if it was your own home and make rational and sustainable use of water and electrical appliances. Don’t forget to switch off the air conditioning and make sure to always switch off the lights and turn off taps. Keep water and electricity consumption to a minimum. 


We know that during the holidays the consumption of food bought in convenience stores increases, which usually means more packaging, especially plastic. As far as possible, try to use ‘Tupperware’ and reusable, or even compostable crockery, thus avoiding generating unnecessary waste, especially plastic. Selectively collect all waste that you have not been able to avoid generating in order to ensure it is subsequently recycled. And of course, always avoid wasting food.